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When Avida Land devised the master plan concept for Santarosa Estates, they envisioned a luxurious living setup that offers the modern comforts and conveniences. This commitment is therefore evident in how they had developed the layout for this residential community in such a way that the residents can maximize their use of the amenities and facilities.

The landscape entrance gate with guard house already provides a glimpse of the quality of homes that await you in Santarosa Estates. In addition to a guard house, the entire perimeter of this development property is protected by a perimeter fence. In addition, the entire subdivision is built with up 8- to 12-meter wide roadways. Hence, it stays true to its promise of providing homeowners with wide and spacious living setup. On top of the wide concrete roads within the subdivision, the sides of the roads are planted with trees to maintain a green landscape in the residential community. The sidewalks and gutters are also constructed to the highest standards. The construction of the entire development is properly monitored to ensure that the standards are followed based on the approved proposed layout.

Before moving onto the leisure and recreational amenities, it is important to have a look at the basic facilities and amenities offered within this community. One of them is a reliable water supply. All homes are connected to a reliable and clean water supply so you and your family can drink the water directly from the tap. At the same time, the entire subdivision is built with an efficient sewage and drainage system. All telecommunication facilities and electrical power lines are developed with provision for internet and cable service providers that homeowners can use upon occupancy.

In addition to the basic amenities available to the entire development, there are also several recreational facilities available within the residential development. Santarosa Estates is a high-end development that is made with the highest standards true to the brand of Avida Land.  The central amenity area in Santarosa Estates is the Mediterranean-inspired clubhouse. The architectural style of this clubhouse is consistent with the aesthetic theme of the entire housing development. This clubhouse is available for social gatherings within the community and for special occasions and other functions.

  • Mediterranean-inspired Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Children's playground
  • Landscaped Central Park
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Walled Subdivision
  • Planted Trees Along Streets
  • 8-, 10-, 12m Wide Roadways
  • Reliable Water Supply
  • Efficient Sewerage System
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Electric Power & Provision for Telephone & Cable Facilities
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Another important amenity in Santarosa Estates is the swimming pool. This adult-sized swimming pool is the ideal place for families and friends to gather around and enjoy a lazy day of swimming. If you are into other forms of leisure and entertainment activities, you can play some hoops in the basketball court. There is also a children’s playground and landscaped central park for various activities suited for the entire family. You can therefore use these green and landscaped spaces to relax and watch your kids play. This is a good way to encourage your kids to go out and stay active. Indeed, the community is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing residents with the facilities to pursue their favorite activities. Since this housing development is located outside of Metro Manila, your kids will be able to enjoy fresh air that is free from pollution, which makes it even more important to get them outside.

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